It’s 2015, and like most people, I made resolutions, but this year, I’m keeping every single one of them!

Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”
-Benjamin Franklin

MeMy mother used to say this quite when I would stay up past my bedtime as a kid.  For some reason this quote never left my brain.  I think it’s an important one, not because I need to worry about sleep, but because these are the three areas of my life that I REALLY want to improve this year:  I want to be healthier, wealthier and wiser.

On the healthy side of things, I want to have the six pack, eat clean, bust my butt in the gym, and train in the martial arts I’ve been itchin’ to do.  On the wealth front, my goal is to take my online business to new heights: be more interesting, help more people, create stickier content, and be able to pay myself as much as I earn at my current job (WHOA!).  Wise…there are sooooooo many things I want to learn more about, but I think the focus this year will be improving my Japanese and if I’m fortunate enough (repurchase my piano and start playing again).

I know it’s mid-March as I’m writing this, but my 2015 resolutions are as fresh in my head as they’ve ever been.

This site will be hub to showcase some of the projects I’m working on to achieve my 2015 goals.  Will they all succeed?  I can’t say for sure, but I’m gonna try my damndest to see that they do.

Scroll down and feel free to visit and support the sites I’m working on.

Good luck on your goals.  See you at the top my friends!

The Japan Guy


This is the first blog I ever created and it’s currently my largest.  Originally it started out of a frustration with doing day-to-day things in Japan: using ATMs, sending items, and the like.  Instead staying frustrated I decided to turn this site into one that helps foreigners in Japan and later a platform for sharing thoughts, and sharing my Japan experiences in a fun way.  This year is going to be a big year (hopefully breakout year) for this site as I’m not going to start adding discussions, polls, products, etc. that people will actually find both fun and useful!


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Best Protein Bars Guide

BestProteinSnapI do use my fair share of protein supplements from time to time.  When I’m really heavy into a clean diet and serious training, constantly eating right and eating simply gets a little dull.  The occasional protein bar keeps me from going insane during those long stretches of bland food (the one cheat meal a week is nice, too).  The Best Protein Protein Bars Guide was a site to give a true view of what some of the protein bars out there today are like.  The goal is to to have the best, most brutally honest protein bar reviews on the web.  I’ve bought the protein bar that looks amazing on the cover, but tastes like crap covered in a pretty chocolate coating…not fun guys, not fun.


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iHeart Classic Games


This was I site I started late last year.  I am and always will be a classic games fan, but I wouldn’t say I game anymore, but my head is filled with so many wonderful memories of Mario Brothers (3 & Super Mario World were my favorites), Megaman, Ninja Gaiden, Moonwalker, Double Dragon and all sorts of games.  But I didn’t want to do the same kind of site that everyone else was doing because that’s dull to me.  So this classic gaming site has an interesting twist to it.  What?  No I can’t tell you…you have to go and see for yourself ;)


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